Gamer-Evolved Event: Grand Theft Auto IV

April 2, 2008

gta 4The month of April is dedicated to the greatest game franchise in the history of games.  If Helen of Troy had the face that launched a thousand ships then Grand Theft Auto had the sequel that sold a million (+) consoles!

GTA was addictive from its very first release for the PlayStation (PSOne). The PSOne allowed publishers to push the envelope into more and more mature titles with more adult subject matter.  Still a 2D game in its first 3 releases (GTA, GTA2, and GTA: London), Rockstar would change the console game world with GTA III.

GTA III is what finally forced me to buy a PS2. My world was completely changed.  I never owned any of the Nintendo systems but did play the Marios and the Zeldas, but never id a game speak to my male id like GTA III.  Combining so many styles of gaming (Third-Person Shooter, Rail Shooter, Driving, Racing, puzzle-solving), GTA III opened up an entire universe for gamers to explore.  No longer tied to the standard corridor/maze of classic first person and third person shooters like Doom, Quake, and Splinter Cell.

GTA IVRockstar extended the Gameplay and amped up the mature content in GTA:Vice City and GTA: San Andreas.  Vice City introduced motorcycles are money collection while San Andreas introduced full character control with clothing, eating, and exercise.  Many blasted San Andreas for having to much depth but Rockstar really pushed the envelope push the PS2 to its limit.

GTA IV promises to be a revolutionary change.  WE again return to Liberty City the scene of GTA, GTA III, and GTA: Liberty City Stories.  But this re-imagined space is not the same place we murdered Sindacos and jacked cars in from of the Callahan Bridge.

Throughout the month I will highlight awesome GTA moments, reviews, and talk every thing GTA as we prep for April 29 -> GTA IV Day!

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