Game Of The Week: Loco Roco

March 17, 2008

loco rocoI bought Loco Roco on the advice of the sales person at GameStop.  I really needed a fun PSP game that wouldn’t hurt my eyes like Burnout Legends.  A lot of times handheld games can be hit or miss, but Loco Roco is definitely a hit!

The game play is very simplistic.  You tilt the world to the left or right and bounce the Loco Rocos through a series of levels collecting berries to help you multiply and collect picokories and Mui Mui to earn points at the end of each level.  You do have some enemies trying to stop you though.  You have to watch out for the Moja who are out to eat you!

The best part about the game is the music.  The Loco Roco sing an almost lullaby song that is very relaxing.  I often find my self humming the theme while I’m playing – causing my wife to look over at me during our commute together. 

The game is pretty challenging as the levels progress.  At several points in order to gain the maximum score you must have a certain number of Loco Rocos in your party to wake up the sun, moon, or plants.  Your Rocos sing and the awakened character gives you a piece of your Loco House.

There are two mini games.  One a lot like the claw game from Toy Story fame, where you can collect pieces of the Loco House.  The other Chuppa Chuppa I haven’t unlocked yet – so I can’t tell you too much about it.

Loco Roco is very addictive as you try again and again to gain the max number of points at the end of a round and find all the secret areas on the map.  So easy, any gamer can just pick it right up and play.

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