Game Of The Week: Halo 3

March 24, 2008

halo3Since I just got my Xbox 360 for Valentine’s Day this year, I was a little late to the Halo 3 party.  No matter – I knew once I got the console, that Halo 3 would be one of the first titles I would pick up.  With so many great games on all of my systems – it still took me awhile to open and jump into the game.  Well I made up for that this weeked.

The Story So Far…

Halo 3 begins just after the ending of Halo 2 – when Master Chief jumped from the ship hurtling towards Earth.  He lands like Kal-El coming to our planet to become Superman!  After the marines find him and a quick system check – you and the Master Chief are put right into the action.

It wouldn’t be Halo if it weren’t action packed.  You play along side the Arbiter up against the Prophet of Truth and the Brutes.  The Prophet has come to Earth to destroy the gallixy and you need to stop him!  I’ve only played through two of the major campaigns – and of course I’m hooked.  I usually play through the game before I check out the multiplayer – but that won’t happen this time – I’m going to get in to the multiplayer right away and update you on one of my In Play posts.

Since there is no true “tutorial” stage, it took me awhile to figure out the controls and some of the new weapons.   There is a new grenade type and a new “equipment” upgrade that could be a shield, grav lift, or cloak.  Just push the X button to deploy the equipment.

halo3The only thing that took me awhile to figure out was that I had to push the RB button to get on the one of the ships.  After killing all of the enemies twice – I finally hung aroud the ship long enough to figure it out.

There is a nice complemnt of weapons – with my favorite so far being the War Hammer.  I love crushing the skulls of the Brutes with that thing!

So Halo 3 is the game of the week, and I’ll spend plenty of time playing it – It’s my new Obsession!

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