Gamer-Evolved Event: Grand Theft Auto IV

April 2, 2008

gta 4The month of April is dedicated to the greatest game franchise in the history of games.  If Helen of Troy had the face that launched a thousand ships then Grand Theft Auto had the sequel that sold a million (+) consoles! Read more

Game Of The Week: Halo 3

March 24, 2008

halo3Since I just got my Xbox 360 for Valentine’s Day this year, I was a little late to the Halo 3 party.  No matter – I knew once I got the console, that Halo 3 would be one of the first titles I would pick up.  With so many great games on all of my systems – it still took me awhile to open and jump into the game.  Well I made up for that this weeked. Read more

Game Of The Week: Loco Roco

March 17, 2008

loco rocoI bought Loco Roco on the advice of the sales person at GameStop.  I really needed a fun PSP game that wouldn’t hurt my eyes like Burnout Legends.  A lot of times handheld games can be hit or miss, but Loco Roco is definitely a hit! Read more

Game of the Week: Burnout Paradise

March 10, 2008

Burnout ParadiseThis week I’m concentrating on Burnout Paradise.  I’m a big fan of the Burnout series. I’ve owned or rented each of the previous versions.  Nothing feels better than tearing though the streets catching air, drifting, and causing hugh crashes. Read more

Game of the Week: Fight Night – Round 3

March 3, 2008

fightnight3.jpgThis week’s GOTW is Fight Night Round 3.  I just purchased this game used from the GameStop at the mall on the advice of one of my closest friends.  I’ve never been a big fan of the boxing games, although that is more from a lack of being around them than not actually enjoying the game play.  Read more