Let’s face it.  Kids aren’t the only ones playing games these days.  What I have found is that there are very few voices for the adult gamer.  If you are over 30 and playing video games – then you are an adult gamer.  What you find appealing about a game is not the same as your son or daughter – or if you are like me – your neighbors’ kids!

You want action, gore, puzzles, and exciting playing experiences – but you also want something that will challenge you, keep your interest, and make you come back for more.  That’s what Gamer-Evolved is all about.  I take the lead in describing how the new games and game systems can fit into your life of deadlines and 401(k)s.  I’ll also take you back to the days of Pong, Adventure, and Super Mario Bros., as I describe how those games have influenced our lives and the games of today.

So sit back, relax and power up your system of choice – its going to be a fun ride!

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